Clubhouse magazine cover "Your Nose Might Know!"
Clubhouse Jr. November 2012
Clubhouse magazine cover "Beach Hunt"
Clubhouse Jr. June 2011
Clubhouse magazine cover "Balancing Act"
Clubhouse Jr. February 2011
Clubhouse magazine cover "Stairs and Steps"
Clubhouse Jr. January 2011
Sprinkles magazine cover "The Halloween Hike"
Sprinkles October 2010
Cover Clubhouse Jr Feb 2003 "Let's Set the Table"
Clubhouse Jr. Feb 2003
Cover Humpty Dumpty Jul Aug 2010 "Come Celebrate"
Humpty Dumpty July-Aug 2010
Cover Lollipops Sept Oct 2001 "Get Busy"
Lollipops Sept-Oct 2001
Cover Nick Jr Sept 2004 "I'll Be At School"
Nick Jr. Sept. 2004


Activity “Pat Your Tummy” published in Highlights High Five
cover of High Five February 2018

Article “Making Sense of Scent” published in Nature Friend
cover of Nature Friend January 2017


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Gail in channel 7 studio

Terrific Book Signing

Gail at Bookstore 1 Sarasota


“…The Scent of Something Sneaky is a top recommendation for pre-teens and teens looking for a leisure read that's action-packed and vivid.”-- Midwest Book Reviews

“…a good adventure that not only dwells on the intriguing mystery at hand, but also on the characters themselves.” – Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Rating

And, for Stinks!---August 7, 2015 “STEM Can Be Fiction, Too”

“...the type of book that is likely to inspire readers who might otherwise avoid STEM to give it a chance because it reveals how science can have important real-world applications.” STEM Friday

More reviews in Recognitions

Selection as a 2014 Outstanding Science Trade Book has helped Something Stinks!

Something Stinks cover

continue to be discovered.

And, finally...

I’ve traveled from Virginia to Orlando to Olympia, Washington talking to kids about writing and science.

Teachers say Stinks! "will help me show my students science isn’t just a subject we learn…it’s a way of life!" And, "your book…we are using in conjunction with an end of the year STEM project on filtration and pollution."

Gail in the classroom

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